This article is from the June 1998 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Zihuatanejo’s Accommodations

Hotel Paraiso Real: On Playa Ropa. Phone: 755-42147. Garden Rooms are $80.00 US in high season (Nov. 15-April 30), $65.00 for Beach Front. Off season is $65.00 and $45.00. When I go back, I’ll stay here again. None of the current guidebooks has this place listed due to the recent renovation. Ask about a dive/hotel package if interested.  (Leigh Roth, Zihuatanejo Expert at 1-877-284-2989 or  updated on 7/15/99 to say $80 high-season, 50 off-season, May 1-Nov 15)

La Casa Que Canta and Villa del Sol: For these luxury hotels you can book through your travel agent or, to call toll free, dial (800) 525-4800 for La Casa Que Canta and (800) 223-6510 for Del Sol. Expect to be in the $180-$400 range, somewhat less off season.

Leigh Roth: In Zihua phone 755-43755. In U.S. call (510) 548-2792. I could list the numerous other hotels here, but you should really consult with Leigh for true insider info. If you actually meet Leigh in person, watch out for her parrot that she likes to carry on her arm. He (it) attacked my toe on a whim. Other than that she is a very nice and interesting person.

La Perla: Family owned restaurant on Playa Ropa. Francisco, the manager, will treat you well and sell you a Cohiba (Cuban cigar) for $13 US. A good spot to meet a few of the local ex-pats when there’s a ball game on the satellite TV.

Nueva Zelandia: Cuauhtémoc 23, in town. This unlikely cafeteria-style eatery has great food, especially breakfast. From egg dishes, pasta, cappuccino, mole...a great range of fare any time of the day. Cheap prices.

Casa Elvira: An old time favorite right on the waterfront, a good place to people watch, have a beverage or a fine meal. You can’t find fresher seafood anywhere.

Carnitas Uruapan: Small take-out on the corner by the central bus station. Get a half-kilo of carnitas, and they’ll throw in some salsa, onions, cilantro and tortillas. Pick up a six-pack and you’ll go home with a meal you won’t soon forget.