This article is from the May 1999 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Hotels in Xalapa

More expensive to least expensive, double occupancy...

1.- Fiesta Inn  US$95.00 Tel. 12-79-20 (6 min. from downtown)

2.- Hotel Xalapa Finca Real(near downtown) US$54.00 Tel. 18-22-22

3.- Hotel Marķa Victoria(downtown) US$35.00 E-mail:

4.- Howard Johnson Plaza de las Convenciones (near downtown)  Tel. 18-36-91

5.- Posada del Virrey(downtown) US$20.00 Tel. 18-61-00 E-mail:

6.- Posada del Cafeto(downtown) US$20.00 Te. 17-00-28