This article is from the February 1996 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Volunteers Needed for Chiapas

SIPAZ: The International Service for Peace (Servicio Internacional para Ia Paz/SIPAZ) is a coalition of North American, Latin American, and European organizations d~dicated to sup-porting the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico. At the invitation of church and human rights groups there, SI PAZ has established a team in Chiapas and is seeking additional long-term volunteers.

Team members maintain communication with all sectors involved in the conflict, accompany those threatened with violence, and analyze and report on the peace process in order to strengthen the role of the international community in supporting efforts for a just and lasting peace.

Qualifications include Spanish fluency, prior experience in related work, and excellent "people" and group-process skills. A commitment of one year or more is desirable.

For more information contact: S/PAZ, 515 Broadway, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Tel: (408) 423-1626. Fax: (408) 423-8716, e-mail:

GLOBAL EXCHANGE: Global Exchange, a non-profit, educational, research and social justice organization, has an international peace center in Chiapas, Mexico. The Peace Center hosts short-term human rights delegations to the area and supports volunteers interested in learning more about Chiapas through witnessing and documenting local conditions.

Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of six weeks at the Peace Center in Chiapas. Through their presence, volunteers deter human rights abuses and are able to provide credible information to the international community. The role of the volunteer is to participate in civilian peace camps organized by a local Mexican human rights organization as well as to provide accompaniment to individuals or communities whose safety is threatened.

Qualifications include Spanish fluency, previous experience living or traveling abroad, background in international relations, peacemaking. and/or community organizing, and ability to work as part of a team. Volunteers need to cover their travel and living expenses: Global Exchange can provide housing.

For more information contact: GLOBAL EXCHANGE, attn: Ted Lewis, 201 7 Mission Street, Suite 303, San Francisco, CA 94110, Tel: (415) 255-7296. Fas: (415) 255-7498, e-mail: