This article is from the October 2000 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Book Review
Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping

by Mike and Terri Church. Rolling Homes Press, ISBN 0-9652968-1-4. 414 pages, $19.95.

Reviewed by Gordon Jett 

In 1997 Mike and Terri Church made RV travel in Mexico immensely easier. It was then that they published their Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping. It was not only the first new Mexican camping guide in almost ten years but was far more complete and easier to use then anything previously published. 

The book is obviously a labor of love. The young couple took a sabbatical from their regular jobs and headed south in a small RV. They covered Mexico like a blanket, from border to border and coast to coast.  

Mike and Terri start out with some basics about RV  travel in Mexico and then give suggested itinararies for all parts of Mexico, with driving distances and driving times. 

Their most innovative feature is a small map which accompanies each campground description, showing  the town layout and the location of the campground in it. Many Mexican campgrounds are practically buried in out of the way neighborhoods. Mexican streets signs are notoriously missing or misleading so this feature alone is worth the price of the book. 

My wife and I have used this book for RV travel throughout Mexico and have found that it takes a lot of anxiety out of where to spend the night. Almost the first question asked when we meet new people at a Mexican campground is, “Are you using Mike and Terri’s book?” It certainly deserves top billing on anyone’s packing list before heading south. 

Mike and Terri went on to publish books on RV camping in Alaska and Europe and they have found their niche in life. You can check out their website at , or order direct from Rolling Homes Press, P.O. Box 2099, Kirkland WA 98083. The books are $19.95 plus $4 shipping. The book is also available in any bookstore with a good travel section or through  

Don’t leave home without it !