This article is from the July 1996 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Spa Tips

Recommended : the diet program, the morning treks, walks through the town, visits to the old churches and the Sunday market.  What to buy : silver of course, and finely woven baskets. Panama hats, reduced priced tequila and Kahlua and local rum (Portoviejo), colorful painted ceramics and wood carvings, tapestry weavings and just for fun, Mexican music cassettes like The Blue Angels and Selena.

What To Take : lots of film and your camera (you'll use it); good comfortable walking shoes, a rain poncho and umbrella for the light chipi-chipi showers in the afternoon, bathing suit, hat and pair of light sweats or comfortable walking outfits.

How To Go : Non-stop flights available to Mexico City on Continental and Mexicana.   Airport pick-up is offered by the hotel, a scenic one hour drive to Ixtapan.   Or you can rent a car and drive there yourself and be ale to drive the area.   However, taxis in Ixtapan are very inexpensive and efficient (ex : $1.00 into the center of town from the hotel, about a ten block walk).

Bone Up On the Area : Read John Womack's "Zapata and the Mexican Revolution".   Check out the classic video, "Viva Zapata" with Marlon Brando as the agrarian reform hero.

For Information, Brochures or Booking : call 1-800-223-9832, Fax (212) 599-1755.   In addition to the diet program ($400) the Hotel/Spa also offers the spa relax program ($390) and the sport program ($425).  Ixtapan is the only spa that offers acupuncture.