This article is from the July 1999 The Mexico File newsletter.
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The Schools for Chiapas Program

Peter Brown, the executive director of the “Schools for Chiapas” program was recently permanently expelled from Mexico – and this came despite the March 22, 1999, vote by millions of Mexicans in support of the Zapatistas which demonstrated that the Maya rebels of Chiapas have strong support throughout Mexico.

The “Schools for Chiapas” program, which is sponsored by Grass Roots Events, Inc., a nonprofit organization, aims to train teachers and build community-run schools which respect indigenous languages and culture. They are building an educational complex at Oventic Aguascalientes II in the state of Chiapas where young people are being trained as teachers who want to preserve Maya culture.

The program needs volunteers and money. There are still openings for the August 8 - 22, 1999, construction team which will work on a portable water and sanitation system for the 200 students at the school, as well as laying flooring and building a kitchen. In addition a New Years 2000 millennium tour of Chiapas is being arranged. Money is needed not only for construction, but for the purchase of books, educational supplies and audiovisual materials.

For more information about the tour, volunteer work or to make a monetary donation (make checks payable to Grass Roots Events, Inc.), write to Schools for Chiapas, 1717 Kettner Boulevard, Suite 125, San Diego, CA 92101. Telephone: 619-232-2841. Fax: 619-232-0500. Email: Website: