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  • CHIAPAS-L at Profmexis. Send message "SUBSCRIBE CHIAPAS-L <your email address>" to and leave subject line blank.
  • Chiapas95 Send message, leaving the subject line blank that says "SUBSCRIBE CHIAPAS95". A news and information mailing list. No discussion. For more information see the Chiapas95 web site.
  • H-MEXICO: Mexico History List. Send message "SUBSCRIBE H-MEXICO <your email address>" to
  • Mexico2000: Send message to and in the SUBJECT line type the command "SUBSCRIBE MEXICO2000 <your name>".
  • MX-INTERNET: Internet in Mexico. Send message "SUBSCRIBE MX-INTERNET <your email adress>" to
  • NAHUAT-L: Nahuatl cultural studies and the Aztecs. Send message "Subscribe Nauhuat-l" [your first name] [your last name] to
  • US_MEXBORDER. Established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. To subscribe send a message to
  • mex.artes
  • mex.artes.musica
  • mex.ciencia
  • mex.empresarial
  • mex.politica
  • mex.turismo
  • soc.culture.mexican -- FAQ

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