This article is from the March 1997 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Book Review
Mexican Real Estate : A Reference Guide for Investors

by Stephen C. Conway.
(Canada: Wind Dancer Publishing, ISBN 0-9680306-0-2, 1996, $19.95)

Is oceanfront property for under $40K too good to be true? Not if you know where to look and how to go about it, says author, lecturer, and investment advisor Stephen Conway. The warm, sunny weather and affordability of Mexico have lured 350,000 North Americans south of the border for their retirement. A smart investor can indeed find a three-bedroom bungalow on two acres of land for as little as $40,000US. This can be a dream come true for aging baby boomers who may be looking for an alternative to Florida or Arizona for their retirement homes. But not having all the facts can turn one’s dreams of owning a piece of paradise into a financial disaster. Acquiring as much knowledge of the process as possible before beginning any transaction is the key to its success—and that is precisely what author Conway helps the reader to do in this book. Making a successful property acquisition in Mexico can result in a highly profitable addition to one’s investment portfolio.

Conway provides a complete and understandable summary of Mexican laws regarding real estate purchases by non-nationals. He places special emphasis on understanding the unique regulations governing the acquisition of property within 60 miles of the Mexican border or within 30 miles of the Mexican coastline and provides a complete summary of the fideicomiso (or trust property).