The Villages of Loreto Bay

Live amidst soul-stirring beauty and 5-star luxury
that honors Baja Mexico’s nature and history.

Share in the Secret
For 300 years, Loreto remained one of Mexico’s treasured secrets. Sitting peacefully on the shores of the Sea of Cortés, hidden beneath the Sierra de la Giganta mountains, only a few visitors were lucky enough to discover this little jewel of Baja. But once you visit a place like Loreto you can’t keep it to yourself, and now the secret is out.

A Place Like No Other
We invite you to discover what it is about Loreto that inspires us:

  • The spectacular natural beauty of Baja, Mexico
  • Three centuries of history and culture
  • Countless amenities and adventures
  • A friendly, walkable community
  • North America’s largest sustainable resort development

And, when you’re ready, explore the opportunities to travel to Loreto or even to live in our luxury resort town.

Live Fully
If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?  Would you live in a warm, dry place on the shores of a sea where you could swim year round?  Surrounded by natural beauty and authentic culture?  With all the comforts of home, like excellent medical care, clean water and safe streets?  Would you want to live amidst inspiring architecture and design?  Find everything within a short walk of your home?  Enjoy casual contact with your neighbors, who would be a diverse, interesting group and a pleasure to get to know?

Tread Lightly
Would you choose a home and community designed and built in such a way as to enhance, rather than degrade, the ecosystem?  Where artistic, cultural and intellectual pleasures are a seamless part of community life, and where fitness, health and vitality are a part of everyday living? 

Welcome to The Villages of Loreto Bay
Seaside villages that celebrate soul-stirring beauty and the richness of life, a luxury location for a new home in Mexico.

Blessed With Beauty
Thirty years ago, Loreto was chosen by FONATUR, Mexico’s tourism development division, as one of a handful of places in Mexico with the potential to become a world-class travel destination. Today, that promise is being realized and yet Loreto remains somehow untouched by the outside world, retaining all the authentic charm and character of the Baja.  You never forget your first trip to Loreto.  As the plane approaches the airport, descending over the Sea of Cortés, you come so close to the water some passengers wonder if you’re going to land on the beach.  Heads turn toward the windows and eyes open wide as the beauty of the local landscape becomes visible – a rare meeting of the mountains, desert and ocean.

Full of Adventure
The sunny climate, the warm sea you can swim in year-round, the world-class sport fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, whale-watching, hiking and golf make Loreto the ideal place for an adventure-filled or laid back getaway.

Rich in Culture & History
Loreto was the first settlement of the Baja peninsula and has more than 300 years of history.  Ancient cave paintings, historic stone missions and stunning artwork and crafts await your discovery in the village and surrounding areas.

The Villages of Loreto Bay
Live amidst soul-stirring beauty and 5-star luxury
that honors Baja Mexico’s nature and history.

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