This article is from the October 1995 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Puerto Vallarta, Things You Should Know

Insect repellent: bring it; you never know.
Jeep Security: Since you are probably parking on the street, you might want to pull the coil wire off the engine overnight. I have never had a problem but a friend did, and it cost him $600.00 on his credit card for the "stolen" vehicle. We suspected an inside job from the guys at the hotel where he rented the Jeep. The hotel is not one I have recommended.

Tranvestites: They sometimes work the streets late at night. Watch your wallet.

The News: The News is the name of the English language newspaper from Mexico City. Pick it up at the newsstand across from the Andale.

Water and Ice: PV is one of two Mexico cities to have all purified water. I still drink the bottled stuff. Trust the bagged ice cubes; they're OK.

Cabbies: Generally good, honest and friendly. However, some will try to take you not to the restaurant you want, but to one where they will receive a kickback from the owner. The primary victims appear to be from the large hotels, dressed in goofy clothes. PV is small enough to walk to most restaurants.

Safety: Everyone I talk to feels safer on the streets of PV than on the streets back home. Even at night. I occasionally stub my toe on a cobblestone late at night, but nothing worse has ever happened.

The Rainy Season: My absolutely favorite time to visit. Fewer tourists, every-thing is green, and those thunderstorms are wondrous. of course I'm from So Cal....

Dress: Yes, you have to. But casual is the way to go. Low key, comfortable but not tattered, you'll look like a local. Multi-colored, fresh off the rack, loud clothing will produce the opposite effect. In the coastal cities shorts are fine all the time. Not true for the interior of Mexico, which is quite conservative.

Money Exchange: check the rates at the banks, hotels, and money exchange houses. I always use ATM machines when available. You get that day's rate with a small service charge. Find one at the Banca Serfin, just north of the new bridge on Vallarta.

The Sea: The murky condition of the ocean in the rainy season is due to the river's carrying mud down from the mountains. The farther you get away from the river mouth, the clearer the water.

Drugs: You do not want to spend time in a Mexican jail. It will absolutely ruin yourlife.