This article is from the February 2001 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Oaxaca Newsletter: An Expatriate Life 

Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci have been supplying words and pictures to the Internet for six years from their base in Oaxaca. Until recently, they have relied on other sites to carry their material, but now they have a website of their own –  . It is definitely worth a visit.  

“Aside from the content, the most important aspect of the site is speed,” said Stan in a recent interview – and this site does load quickly.  

In addition to thirty of their favorite “Letters from Oaxaca, Mexico,” the site also features a sample copy of “The Oaxaca, Mexico Newsletter,” available to paid subscribers by email only. “Some of what we write about in the newsletter is breaking news, since regular mail is too slow,” says Diana. “Also, if we distributed by regular post, we would have to raise the price a lot. This way, we can be timely, keep our prices down, and feature a new “letter” every month.” At $30US for twenty issues per year, it is an affordable resource for those with a continuing interest in what’s going on with our neighbor to the south.  

Written by “Letters from Oaxaca, Mexico” write Stan Gotlieb with photos by Diana Ricci. Twenty issues per year for $30US, delivered by email only. See a sample newsletter at

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