This article is from the June 2003 The Mexico File newsletter.
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The Mexico File by Email

by David Simmonds 

We at The Mexico File, always operating on the vanguard of technology, have decided to knuckle-drag our operation in to the 21st century by offering the newsletter in PDF format, whatever that means. 

Starting now, or at least very soon, new subscribers and renewal subscribers will be able to have The Mexico File magically appear in their email box every month instead of their dead-tree mailbox. Apparently it will look just the same, formatted into eight full-color pages, with the option of reading it on-screen or printing it out on that new color printer you hardly ever use. And, hereís the best part. Itís going to be cheaper for you. Close to half price ($18 per year). 

For those who have come to rely on the hard copy newsletters to fill their bathroom library, the old way will still be an option. You have to love a country that gives you a choice.