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We have land in Monterrey for Industrial Parks and Residential Developments, Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, and Rural Parks.  We arrange architects for general construction, buildings, houses, and warehouses.  We offer 35 years of experience serving the community, and we will attend to all your needs.  If we don't have what you need, we'll do our best to find it for you.

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Monterrey is a fast-growing city in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, just south of Laredo, Texas, and west of Brownsville, Texas.  International companies have discovered Monterrey as a great place to establish headquarters and manufacturing plants, for its central location and convenient distribution routes throughout Mexico and the US.

Monterrey Real Estate offers 35 years of reliable, professional service in buying and selling real estate, houses, buildings, land for factories, industrial parks, and residential developments in Monterrey.  Let Monterrey Real Estate provide you with the information you need to take advantage of the many investment opportunities available in Monterrey.

References from banks and commercial institutions are available upon request to confirm our long and reputable history in the Monterrey real estate business.

Opportunities For Sale
Prestigious hotel near Monterrey with a 20-year history of high occupancy and good profits.  90 rooms/suites in perfect condition.  145,000 square meters of land (35.8 acres).  Price US$5 million dollars.

New Arista Market
Located beside the Immaculate Conception Parish is the most exciting market in Matehuala.  Products of local natural fibers like ixtle and palm leaves are made by craftsmen and exhibited for sale, as well as a great variety of mexican candies and other regional goods.

Immaculate Conception Parish
Located in front of Juarez Square, in the heart of Matehuala's downtown, lies the Immaculate Conception Parish.  The construction of this gothic style temple began in 1905 and remains unfinished, due to the town's modest economy and the huge scale of the project.  This temple is an exact replica of the one located in Lyon, France.

Solis Hacienda
The beautiful Solis Hacienda is located 56km southwest of Las Palmas Midway Inn.  Built during the 17th century, its owners lived in the Casa Grande, or "Big House".  Here you will see furniture and antiques over a century old, as well as a beautiful chapel.  The grandness of this Hacienda will take you back in time.  In the gorgeous gardens surrounding the house, you may even see wild animals, like mountain lions, eagles, wild ducks, snakes, and armadillos.

Town of Cedral
monterrey1e.jpg (20315 bytes)This small peculiar town, located 22km from Matehuala on the way to Real de Catorce, abounds with marble and onyx.  Presently a small factory has been installed to process the marble and onyx, and one can watch the large, rock  blocks being cut, laminated, and polished.  It's quite interesting to see the extensive assortment of finished products here.  On the outskirts, there are abundant fruit and vegetable gardens, delimited by giant picturesque cactus walls.  The round trip to Cedral, takes only about two hours, and you'll definitely need your camera.

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi
Hidden in the Potosi monterrey1b.jpg (17203 bytes)mountains, 49km from Las Palmas Midway Inn, and at the top of a mineral summit (2800m), the ghost town of Real de Catorce can be found.  You'll see what's left of a once-bustling mining town.  One can enjoy the sensation of traveling through time, as you stroll Real de Catorce's narrow, slanted streets, from the temple of St Francis of Assissi, to the Coin House, the Bullring, the bridges, the cliff, and the religious museum.  In the religious museum, you'll enjoy seeing many artifacts from the wagon and mining days of Real de Catorce.  At the far end of town, beyond the cemetery, is the most spectacular view of the sloped canyon that leads from the high-plateau of Real de Catorce to the majestic valley at its feet.  Overlooking four states, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Jalisco, and Aguascalientes, Real de Catorce is really worth visiting.

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