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Health Care In Mexico

If you plan on setting up house in Mexico don't think you have to evacuate to the U.S. every time you need medical care. Mexico's version of social security, IMSS, oversees The Mexican National Health Insurance Plan. The plan, available to foreigners, costs $240.00 a year...which is quite a bargain by U.S. standards. Included are medical, dental and eye-care coverage. You may not want to schedule your next heart by-pass operation there, but then again there are no guarantees anywhere. Enrollment applications are accepted in January, February, July, or August. It can take several months for processing.

For those of you just traveling and in need of medical care, check with your U.S. insurance company for coverage abroad. Often you will have to pay in Mexico and be reimbursed when you return home. The cost is usually a fraction of comparable care on this side of the border.