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Health and Safety Travel Tips

Dear Sirs:

We would like you to read our quarterly newsletter "Health & Safety Travel Tips." Our objective in publishing TravelTips is to provide business and leisure travelers as well as travel industry professionals with current and carefully researched health and safety information that will make their, or their customer's trip, a safe and healthy experience.

We don't have the resources, or the desire, to compete with glossy expensive travel magazines, nor do we plan to emulate medical or scientific journals that describe exotic diseases lurking just past the U.S. borders. Our staff is a core group of writers with decades of medical/international health experience and education. this group includes physicians, nurses, other health professionals, professional writers, and other experienced international travelers.

Our first issue contains three articles on Mexico and we intend too have at least one article in every issue that will be of interest to Mexico lovers (like myself). We encourage feedback from our subscribers and will publish selected articles and letters from our readers in future editions of the TravelTips.

To become a charter subscriber to "Health & Safety TravelTips," please forward your name and a check or money order in the amount of $19.95 made payable to "IMC Inc.-TravelTips" to P.O. Box 1067, Frederick MD 21702. TravelTips is also available online at So far all of our feedback has been positive and we intend to get better.

Fred L. Bocker
Managing Editor

Editor's note: The issue we at The Mexico File reviewed was filled with invaluable health information for your travels. We can recommend "Health & Safety TravelTips" as a good resource for your world travels.