This article is from the November 2001 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Great Peace of Mind Travel Protection While Abroad

from a Mexico File subscriber 

My wife and I travel down to Cabo San Lucas in the winter months with a group of friends. We regularly drive our RV through Baja. While there we received some information on air evacuation benefits. USA Air Evacuation Protection provides critically ill or injured travelers transport out of Mexico and returns their RV or other vehicle back home. This service provides great peace of mind. My wife had to be flown out of Cabo to San Diego last March. They paid the total bill of $19,000, and returned our RV and car back to Denver, Colorado. Then, when my wife was released in San Diego, they flew the two of us back to Denver. It is one of the best benefits I have ever purchased, never thinking we would use it. Here is their customer service number for further information 888-772-1027.