This article is from the June 1996 The Mexico File newsletter.
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How to Get to Alamos

By plane: The nearest commercial airport is 'in Cuidad Obregon about 75 miles to the north. There are direct flights from Guadalajara and Hermosillo. From Obregon you can rent a car or take a bus. Or you can fly to Guaymas from Phoenix or Tucson and drive or bus from there. It takes three hours on mostly four-lane toll road (all except the last thirty miles from Navajoa).

Driving: I entered Mexico at Nogales, Arizona, and from there it is 7-8 hours to Alamos on the four-lane toll road. The tolls will run 520 Pesos each direction. Ten miles south of Nogales you will be required to obtain your car permit and cheek with immigration. You will need a major credit card or cash to post a vehicle bond to insure that your vehicle is returned to the country of origin. You will also be required to show your proof of citizenship, a valid driver's license and the vehicle title and registration documents. From here it's an easy drive to Alamos.

Train: The west coast train line runs through Navajoa, thirty miles from Alamos. The Copper Canyon line originates in Los Mochis, approximately 100 miles to the south.

Buses: You can get just about anywhere in Mexico by bus. Just get to Navajoa on Mexico 15 (the main highway paralleling the coast) and take a bus from there to Alamos.