This article is from the October 2000 The Mexico File newsletter.
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Archaeological Field Trips for the Holidays 

Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips, Inc., has announced two upcoming field trips. The first is called “Christmas In Oaxaca,” and will last from December 20 to December 28, 2000. Focusing on the celebrations of the season and the unique folk art of the neighboring villages, highlights of this trip include a nacimiento fiesta in Ocotlán, a visit to the home and studio of Rudolfo Morales (Oaxaca’s most famous artist), a tour of the home of Mariana Gomez Jimenez for a demonstration of backstrap weaving, participation in Oaxaca’s Night of the Radishes, a meeting with renowned weaver Isaac Vasquez, and viewing the calendas, a parade around the zócalo of the city’s different churches with brass bands and loads of fun. The cost, everything included, is $2695.  

The second trip is called “Hidden Maya Cities of the Yucatán,” and it will be conducted twice – from December 27, 2000, to January 6, 2001, and from February 23 to March 5, 2001. The itinerary has been planned to highlight seldom-seen archaeological sites in remote areas, as well as the well-known cities of Chichen Itza, Palenque and Uxmal. The focus is on hidden cities nestled in the Pu’uc hills with regal palaces and ceremonial buildings covered with intricate mosaic patterns. Ornate architecture is the feature of the Rio Bec centers of Becan, Chicanna, Xpujil and Kohunlich. The trip features overnights in restored haciendas and restored colonial buildings, a private tour with Dr. Peter Schmidt highlighting the recently discovered Venus Platform at Chichen Itza, a visit to the home of Joann Andrews (wife of the late E. Wyllys Andrews IV, the late expert on the archaeology of the Yucatán), a specially arranged tour at Labná, and two nights at a private resort nestled along the “finest beach in Mexico.” The trip cost, everything included, is $3495.   

For more information, contact Far Horizons at PO Box 91900, Albuquerque, NM 87199-1900, 800-552-4575/ 505-343-9400, fax 505-343-8076, email or view their web page at