This article is from the June 2002 The Mexico File newsletter.
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AeroMexico To Transport the Pope 

AeroMexico, Mexico's largest airline, has announced that the airline has been chosen to carry Pope John Paul II from Mexico City back to Rome on August 1, 2002, after he concludes his visit to Mexico.  Preparations already are underway for the papal flight at AeroMexico's headquarters in Mexico City, where personnel are developing special inflight menus and reconfiguring a 767‑200 to accommodate the papal entourage. 

This is the third time that AeroMexico has transported Pope John Paul II.  The most recent occasion was in 1993 when the airline flew the pope from Puerto Rico throughout Mexico and on to Rome. "We are very honored that Pope John Paul II has chosen AeroMexico once again for his upcoming visit to Mexico," said Rolf Hoehn, AeroMexico's Vice President, U.S. Division.  "As we have done in the past, we are ensuring that the pope and his entourage will have the most pleasant trip possible.  To us, that means providing superior service, ultimate inflight comfort, excellent cuisine and world‑class on‑time performance." AeroMexico is reconfiguring its 767 for the special flight with three classes of service: a first‑class cabin for the pope, business class for the cardinals and bishops traveling with him, and coach for the journalists expected to accompany the entourage.