This article is from the May 2000 The Mexico File newsletter.
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AeroMexico, Gets You in the Mood

by David Simmonds 

I don’t know about you, but for me, flying most airlines these days causes a personality change resulting in a social demeanor similar to that of a gut-shot gorilla. Late, over-sold flights, cramped seats, surly employees, awful food and expensive drinks all conspire to ensure that your well-deserved vacation will get off on the wrong foot. After chilling out for a few days, you get to do it all over again trying to get back home, hoping that your luggage is in the same hemisphere as your destination. Sound familiar? Then, for your next trip to Mexico, book your flight or a vacation package with AeroMexico, which is definitely Latin America’s premier airline.

I’ve been using AeroMexico since the airline was founded in 1988. What started out as a good airline has become a great airline. At least that is what Airline Industry Magazine said in 1996 when it named AeroMexico the number one airline. International travel agents voted it “Best Mexican Airline” in 1997.

When I get to an airport I want to get where I’m going, as stated on my costly ticket. Seats in airport waiting areas aren’t designed for kick-back comfort and if you’re carrying on luggage, your mobility is too limited to allow you to wander around as a method of killing time. So, you sit – and you fantasize what you’ll be doing in a few short hours, sipping your third margarita, toes in the sand just as the sun slips into the Pacific...if only the damn plane takes off on time.

AeroMexico has recorded a systemwide on-time performance rate of 97% for the past ten years. It’s not unusual for me to note that we’re already in flight at the scheduled departure time. And what’s this? The flight attendants are actually smiling and making sure you’re comfortable. In my experience, the service on AeroMexico is consistently excellent and I’ve never had my luggage lost or misplaced.

As the largest provider of commercial air service to and within Mexico, the airline offers more than 300 daily flights to 98 destinations worldwide. Forty-three cities are served within Mexico with coverage from Tijuana to Villahermosa and international destinations from Paris to Sao Paulo. The modern aircraft fleet consists of 64 jets including Boeing 757’s and 767’s and MD-80’s.

The frequent flyer program, Club Premier, was recently selected the top award winner in the Airline Newsletter category and third-place winner for overall Program of the Year by the twelfth annual Freddie awards, created to recognize the best frequent traveler programs in the world. In the newsletter category, 83,032 votes were cast, which resulted in AeroMexico’s Club Premier winning by a fairly large margin over runner-ups Continental Airlines One Pass and Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards. Club Premier, created in 1992, offers many advantages to travelers, including check-in service for Clase Premier passengers in AeroMexico’s Salon premier network of airport lounges, as well as facilities shared with alliance partners Delta and Air France.

Other alliance partners include Hertz, Avis and Budget car rentals. Mileage credit can also be earned for overnight stays at the participating properties of Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, Hilton Worldwide, Holiday Inn (Posadas Hotels), Hotel Marquis Resorts, Hotel Nikko Mexico, Hyatt, Inter-Continental Hotels, Radisson International, and Westin Hotels.You can also transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to your AeroMexico frequent flyer miles to qualify for free flights, something I have done in the past.

These are all pretty impressive benefits you get when flying AeroMexico, but what I really like the best is a little more personal. First, in a way, when you board the plane, you feel like you’re already in Mexico. You’re greeted with buenos dias or buenos tardes, and when you get your meal the food tastes Mexican with a green chile to fire up the taste buds. And here’s a secret...when the drink cart comes my way I usually ask for two of whatever I’m drinking and they have always happily granted the request. Best of all, there’s no charge for the drinks. Two cuba libres on other carriers would set me back ten bucks. With AeroMexico what I get is a courteous smile from someone who is probably grateful that I saved her a trip later on.